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At IEA, we have the experience and expertise to understand your unique heat removal needs. We don't ask you to choose from a set product line, we partner with you to build what you need-whether it's big, small or in between. Our radiators are meticulously engineered and tested with our in-house calorimeter to ensure that they perform exactly to spec. And if you find that it's not operating as designed after installation, we'll make it right-guaranteed. With expert techs on hand 24-hours a day, you can count on our team to keep your system running efficiently year in and year out.

POWER GENERATION APPLICATIONS: Oil and Gas • Standby/Backup Power • Emergency Power • Prime Power • Peak Shaving Power • Mission-Critical Systems


MOBILE EQUIPMENT APPLICATIONS: Construction • Agriculture • Mining • Rail • Forestry • Utility and Municipal Vehicles • Forklifts and Material Handling • Cranes • Drilling


INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT APPLICATIONS: Process Industries • Fluid Power • Paper Mills • Steel Mills • Power Units • Presses


RADIATOR PACKAGES: Engine Mounted Radiators • Remote Radiators • Diesel Engine Radiators • Custom Designed Radiators


HEAT EXCHANGERS: Combo Coolers • Horizontal Industrial Heat Exchangers • Plate Frame Heat Exchangers • Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers • Standard Coolers - Fuel, Hydraulic, Transmission


INDUSTRIAL COOLERS: Fluid Coolers • Chillers

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