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Saxon Company was started in 1992. Founder Zip Saxon grew up in the engine business and gained much of his knowledge first-hand from his father George Saxon. After graduating from Texas A & M, Zip spent 12 years working for engine distributors, designing and selling to all power industries.

As a manufacturer's representative within the Power Industry in the Southwest, Saxon Company is the best source for your design with any industrial application. We specialize in prime power and design for low operation and maintenance cost.

We use all kinds of cooling mediums, including fresh water, salt water, glycol, hydraulic, and air-to-air. Saxon Company also specializes in all aspects of industrial cooling from radiator; shell and tubes; plate and frame; or combined, custom designed, integrated coolers. An added feature of working with us is that we can supply all the additional parts needed to create a complete unit.

Our engineers have experience in oil field, marine, stationary and mobile power generation. Saxon Company, and our design partner PSS INC., have maintained positive working relationships with our customers for decades.

Saxon Company really is the "one-stop shop" for all of your Power Industry needs.